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Thank YOU!

We have received such encouraging feedback from all the lovely people, known to us or new,

who visited our first open weekend after the Covid episode. Thank YOU, for sending us

pictures, movies and words of appreciation and for recommending us to others.

The garden was highly appreciated for offering both peace and abundance, and friends and

family were taking time to engage in conversation, while enjoying the guilt free cake that was

on offer  Our youngest visitor was seven years old, and our most senior one was eighty five!

A variety of gifts found their way to new owners, and some people were curious to know more

about the services we offer in the contemplative studio.

The vibe on both days was gentle and nourishing, and we would like to thank YOU, our visitors,

for creating that energy together, and for supporting us! Your enthusiasm has motivated us to

set the dates for the next weekend, and to organize more of these going forward.

The next opportunity to visit us during an open weekend will be:

31 October & 1 November, from 11am – 4 pm

Remember, you can also visit us by appointment!

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