Will we experience more peace if we can feel, see, listen, touch … connect with our world without judgement, but rather with an open mind and a sense of curiosity? Will we experience health when we know how and when to nourish or relax body and mind? Will realising who we are at a fundamental level help us feel content? Will truly connecting to our heart encourage us to naturally connect and care, be kind to ourselves and others? Will undertaking an inner journey provide us with tools to deal with the challenges of daily life in a more helpful way?

These questions guided me during my own search, and have influenced the direction my life path has taken and how it continues to unfold. Each one of us has the potential to experience increased awareness and wellbeing, and it is my wish that many people will do so. In that way, we can bring more kindness and joy into our life and into our world. More often than not, the road going in the direction of the heart is bumpy rather than smooth. However, it is in the bumpiness that we discover our courage – and in this courage, which makes us unafraid of change, we find freedom.

HeartCore provides a place and a platform to share and experience the force of life and its vital palace: the human heart. The experience of connecting to our heart, feeling and acknowledging all that it holds, can be both sacred and healing. When we come to appreciate the force of life that is expressing itself through you and me, and in myriad ways, we tap into a source of energy that is both eternal and unconditional, and that just wants to Flow and Be.

It is my wish that you will be inspired to recognise and acknowledge your own heartfelt wisdom, and express it throughout your life. I invite you to become curious, to smile and breathe, to move and slow down. I challenge you to explore space, to feel energy, to be strong and vulnerable, to enjoy and contemplate. I encourage you to connect and care, and to be brave and kind. I ask you to travel, to arrive and really Be here. Now.

With heartfelt wishes for unconditional joy,  Angelic