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Will we experience more peace if we can feel, see, listen, touch … connect with our world without

judgement, but rather with an open mind and a sense of curiosity? Will we experience wellbeing when we know how and when to nourish or relax our body and mind? Will knowing who we are at a fundamental level help us feel content? Will connecting to our heart encourage us to naturally care and be kind to ourselves and others? Will undertaking an inner journey provide us with tools to deal with the challenges of daily life in a more helpful way?

These questions guided me during my own search, and have influenced the direction my life path has taken and how it continues to unfold. More often than not, life’s journey and the road leading to the heart are full of obstacles. In meeting challenges and experiences as they are, we can discover our courage – the courage to stop resisting what is painful, to love and companion ourselves and others inside what life brings. In caring for our happy as well as our wounded hearts, we bring more gentleness into our life and into our world.

HeartCore provides a place and a platform for selfcare and griefcare through promoting awareness, wellbeing and creative expression. A place to come home to your heart and to connect with your own life force. HeartCore offers a variety of modalities to support yourself in carrying and expressing life, love and loss in a kind and compassionate way.


It is my wish that you will be inspired by your own heartfelt wisdom, and express this inspiration in your everyday life – in your activities, your creations, your decisions and your interactions. 


I invite you to breathe and become curious, to slow down and move. I challenge you to explore space, to feel energy, to be vulnerable and strong, to enjoy and contemplate. I encourage you to connect and care and to be gentle and brave. I ask you to travel, to arrive and Be here, Now. 

With love,  Angelic

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