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It took me a very long time to manifest the HeartCore vision… to express in words and visual images what it is that touches my heart and makes me smile, and what it is that I wish for others.

The vision had to ripen and distill within me, had to stand the test of doubt and fear, and grow roots deep within every cell of my being. I had to learn not to abandon my ideas or myself, had to learn to experience what it means to be one’s own best friend.

Family members, friends, teachers, students and clients – all contributed to my development in one way or another, and I am deeply grateful. I thank my parents Wil and Joke, who gave me this life and taught me to embrace change. My sister Ilonka, for showing me the way of integrity and joy. My daughter Samira, who is a continuous source of inspiration and love. And my late husband Alan, for deeply loving me and for always encouraging me to follow my heart. You will always be part of me.

I aim to remain a student of life for as long as my journey on Earth lasts, to be humble when offering my support to others awakening to their own inner wisdom. May the energy of my intention and practice contribute to the welfare of all beings, and to the healing of our precious and beautiful Earth.

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