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Whether you will be joining us for a workshop or private session, or to visit the HeartCore shop, our garden will offer you the opportunity to arrive, to slow down your pace, and to notice the flowers, the vegetables, the birds and the many small lizards living in the beautiful pieces of wood that define the boundaries of the beds.

Our garden is a source of inspiration to us, and is a constant reminder of the natural cycles that we ourselves are also exposed to and take part in. It also shows us that if we are caring and attentive, nature responds to our energy in an abundant way.

The area of the garden where we grow vegetables and herbs is a living memory of my late husband Alan. Over time he also transformed our pool into a natural swimming pool – occasionally the frogs perform a classical concert! Alan continuously encouraged us to explore various ways to become more sustainable and water wise. He invited us to engage in a process that is both nourishing and humbling – with nature being our greatest teacher. 

Yesterday was once tomorrow
will surely fade away
It’s the rhythm
of this infinite play
inviting me
to be humble
and free


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