Some of the things I appreciate about designing and the process of creation, are that my energy and attention are focused on form and colour, texture and detail – I can create something that communicates beauty and balance, and add elements of mystery or surprise. It brings me in a state of aligned, creative awareness. Often, the design is somehow already there. All I need do is become quiet so that I can listen, and find a way to communicate with what is not yet visible but wants to manifest.


Every necklace and bracelet I design has a story to tell. They are composed of a variety of beads, ornaments or pendants, sometimes even fabric, and sourced from different countries, each with their own history. I like to call them Gypsy Talis Gems.


The weaving together of a variety of beads feels like connecting parts of the world, and connecting past to present. Each particle offers its own quality and energy, and they merge into a cluster with a new appearance and purpose. Something of the old had to give in order for something new to arise. And so often their individual beauty is enhanced in the new composition.


A simple bracelet can communicate a story about life. About human beings shaped by culture and background, expressing uniqueness, bound by individuality and ego. It is a story about our potential to meet and connect at the level of the heart. It is when we pause, and become quiet and listen, that we are able to create something new together – a new web, a new connection, a new composition in which each of us can shine, yet be seen as part of the whole. Ubuntu they say here in Africa. True wisdom of the heart ♥️

Angelic’s uniquely designed, handmade Gypsy Talis Gems are for sale in the HeartCore shop. The shop is open on request or during lessons and workshops: you can contact us here.


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