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For many years, we have been renovating and transforming buildings, rooms and outdoor areas on our premises, and it has been an amazing discovery to me. I was given the opportunity to direct and connect my creative energy to something ungraspable, Space. And I have come to love it.

Some students have mentioned that it is difficult for them to find a place in their home where they can practice. A home might perhaps not provide enough room for a yoga practice, but most of the time it is possible to create a place that is spacious enough for one to simply sit or stand.

Consciously choosing to create such a place in your living environment can be deeply nourishing. In a way you are giving yourself permission to care for yourself, by literally allowing yourself space, and hopefully also time, to spend in that special area. How would you like your personal place of refuge to make you feel, especially after a really busy day when you had no time to take a break… Or when you are having a difficult time in your life, perhaps facing loss or change? You can ask yourself what you need from such a place in order to become settled, start breathing deeply and feel your body.

Your sacred space can have a chair or a cushion, a carpet or a blanket. You may wish to add pictures, candles and some flowers. Your place may even serve as an area of remembrance. You can add stones or other pieces that are meaningful to you. You might find yourself inspired by certain quotes, or a particular fragrance. Creating the look and feel of your sacred space, starting to take care of yourself…paying tribute.. these are special and sacred journeys.

If you’d like Angelic to consult on creating a sacred area in your home, you can contact her here.

"Dancing my dreams upside down,

I discover the magic of space”  


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