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Adjacent to the contemplative studio, you will find our cosy and inspiring HeartCore shop. Here we invite you to browse with attention, and to enjoy the search for a gift that resonates with you. Take your time to appreciate the beauty of uniquely designed and handmade items – you can even contemplate your purchase while you treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, and relax in the garden.

HeartCore shop offers a selection of stationery gift packages and cards, as well as incense, handmade yoga bags and books on meditation. There are beautifully handknitted beanies, scarves and cushions. Gypsy Talis Gems, Sestra 2 nd Handsome pieces and more gifts with a heart are waiting to be discovered!

The shop is open by appointment and after sessions and workshops; 
you can contact us here.

Would you like to see more? You can follow us on Instagram @heartcore_view and @heartcore_shop for our latest products. You can also order via WhatsApp, email or via our contact page.

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