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Creating an upmarket second-hand clothing brand through upcycling is a trial project my sister Ilonka and myself have initiated because we both feel it is a creative way to minimize the production of textiles and raise awareness around recycling, or in this case, upcycling. We feel passionate to contribute in our own way to a circular economy.

We started out looking for items, that were of a good make, and that had the potential to be transformed into a piece that could serve a new owner for at least a while. How satisfying it was to recognize the potential of a piece, to acknowledge it was once made by hands we didn’t know, to carefully deconstruct and/or add on to it, and to give it a new life and future. To repurpose can be especially meaningful when creating an unique remembrance piece out of your loved one's favorite clothing or accessories.

Since we both admire our grandmother’s outstanding skills of knitting, crocheting and embroidering, and wish that these crafts will be remembered and revaluated, we especially keep an eye out for pieces that reflect our appreciation for these skills. In this society of speed, we also acknowledge the invitation to slow down, pay attention and practise patience while making something with our own hands.

A selection of Sestra 2nd Handsome items can be found in the HeartCore shop. At the moment they are mostly available in small sizes. If you are interested to browse through our limited edition and visit our atelier, we encourage you to contact us here to book an appointment. It is a lovely way to enjoy an intimate and inspiring shopping experience.

HeartCore shop is open on request and after sessions and workshops, contact us.

If you are curious to learn more about our current collection, you can follow us on Instagram @heartcore_view and @heartcore_shop. You can also order via WhatsApp, email or via our contact page.

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