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Contemplative Studio

How can we be available and fully present to what happens in our life, at the moment it happens? How can we align our body, mind and heart?

In our Contemplative Studio we offer private sessions and workshops about selfcare through exploring eastern wisdom and other practices that are focused on promoting a harmonious relationship between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. We work with aspects such as stillness and movement, and their integration.

Stillness and movement

In modern society moments of stillness are not yet highly appreciated. How much we have done in a day is often what counts, and yet movement is born out of silence, and the quality of silence determines the quality and efficiency of movement!

Through meditation and contemplation we gain insight in the working of our mind and the feelings of our heart. We can sit with words or questions and listen to our own wisdom. Even if we spend a little time every day on the practice of being still, we will start to experience the effects – our ability to recognise and balance stress will be one of them.

Movement is not only healthy for our system, it is also a great way to become more aware of our body, our emotions and our energy. It offers us an opportunity to become more integrated with our body. Integration offers the opportunity to express our experience through movement. If our attention is fully placed on our movements, movement can also function as a gate to enter stillness – the moment the mind aligns with the body. In that moment, we can speak of meditation in movement.


You can find more information on the various practices offered in our Contemplative Studio in the sections describing Qigong, Somatic Movement and Meditation. The Core Care Session is a selfcare session, and a fusion of the various offerings. Attention, guidance and care for the student are qualities that we deeply value – hence, our workshops are purposely designed for a limited number of participants.

Re-treat yourself is the option to book a personal retreat in our Bed & Being. For more information, click here.



Grant yourself a moment of peace

and you will understand

how foolishly you have scurried about.

Learn to be silent

and you will notice that

you have talked too much.

Be kind,

and you will realize that

your judgement of others was too severe   

-Ancient Chinese Proverb -


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