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I’ve practiced many forms of movement my whole life, like martial arts, yoga and dance. During these years i’ve come across many teachers, some with deep agendas and some who’ve humbly imparted knowledge that seemed to lack the wisdom of embodying their own teachings. Angelic is a grounded and trustworthy teacher who embodies the tenets of Qigong, imparting its teachings in a graceful and effortless way - highly recommend…

- Paul

My partner and I very much enjoyed Heartcore's introductory course to Qigong in the autumn of 2018.  Angelic is very good at conveying her knowledge of Qigong in a practical, warm-hearted and encouraging way.  I came away with a strong understanding of the basics of Qigong and wanting both to practice on my own and learn more through another class with Heartcore.

- J

I enjoyed the Qigong classes with you very much, thank you! Your teaching style is comprehensive, inclusive and most encouraging and I appreciated all the notes to make it possible for me to continue my practice at any time. Highly recommended!

- Athelé


Creating a Tribute Board:
My attention was grabbed immediately by the course title. I am at a stage that due to circumstances I feel unable to control the progress of my grief journey. I was feeling stuck, afloat & directionless. I felt apprehensive to attend the course because sometimes it is easier to keep the lid on the pain than to face it. The space created by Angelic & Ilonka felt safe, kind & caring. It allowed my feelings to flow and helped me to see another side of grief. To create a vision for moving forward even if it is not quite the right time now. I am glad I attended the session and see it as another step on my path of healing.

- Bianca -

I’ve truly enjoyed practicing Qigong at Angelic’s beautiful place where she combines her knowledge and spiritual depth of mind and body. She has been inspirational by patiently taking me through meditation and discussions on life’s core matters. Her sessions are insightful, teaching the relevance of how to breathe and move in a grounded and mindful way. Also, with larger group she has shown to be a gentle and passionate teacher.

- Paul. B - entrepreneur

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