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Ever since I was a child, I have been aware of an invisible ‘world’ or realm, which is not separate from the visible world as we know it. My fascination and curiosity for this unseen realm and how it influences and shapes all that we consider real and created, stems from that time.

The various studies and practices I engaged in over the years are in fact connected. Studying fashion design helped me to explore the world of ideas and creation, and working in this field taught me how to bring them into manifestation. Through practicing the arts of Chinese Medicine, Qigong and Tai Chi, I learned to view and experience the body as a visible expression of, and connection to, the unseen world of energy. Immersing myself in various forms of yoga and Buddhist meditation practice, further deepened my understanding of the mind in relationship to the body.

When Covid scattered our world in 2020, my beloved husband Alan was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away eight months later. This intensely painful experience has left a significant imprint on my soul, and my wounded heart may never completely heal again. Being gentle and patient with myself will allow my grief to unfold on its own terms. In the depth of this reality I feel the vulnerability of our human existence and the fear of our mortality. The seen and unseen are forever integrated in my heart, for he will always be part of me. 

I see courage, intelligence and beauty as an inherent part of nature and human beings. This is the source of inspiration for my life and work.

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Angelic Pieplenbosch practiced fashion design in the Netherlands for ten years, before exploring the field of healing and wellbeing, focusing on an Eastern approach to training and aligning body and mind. She is a certified acupuncturist and has extensive training in Qi Gong, yoga and meditation. She has been sharing her knowledge via group retreats and private consultations since 2002. After her husband Alan passed away she studied to be a compassionate bereavement facilitator. Private sessions, workshops and conversations around self care and grief care are part of her offerings.

Angelic moved to Johannesburg in 2010, founded her company HeartCore, and together with her late husband Alan, created a (food) garden, a contemplative studio and a Bed&Being.  HeartCore is set in an environment that offers tranquility in the midst of the busy city – a space where one can become still, inspired and creative.


During my life I have followed a variety of studies in the field of coaching. The question that continues to inspire me is: “what does it really mean to take good care of myself and to nourish myself?” After certain experiences in my childhood, taking care of myself wasn’t something that came easily or naturally to me.

In my own search and development I discovered that my body was an important key for change. Through dance improvisation and movement I could reconnect with my body, my feelings and my emotions, which was really necessary for me to connect to life again. This process wasn’t always easy, because feeling wasn’t comfortable. But it gave me the perfect opportunity to learn how to treat myself with more care and gentleness. For a while I focused on food, and learned how I literally could nourish myself with healthy and healing food on a sustainable basis, but without being strict. Yet, nourishing happens on many levels of our being. Meditation gives me the opportunity to be more aware of my thoughts and to observe my mind. Being mindful helps me to live in the present moment. The wonders in nature inspire me,
make me feel connected to life and to my heart, where love resides. Working with my hands and being creative is a wonderful way to express whatever wants to show itself. These are all sources to tap into in order to nourish myself and from there, hopefully, I am able to nourish others.


Ilonka Pieplenbosch worked for 22 years in the field of Human Resources Management (HRM), mainly for non-profit organisations in The Netherlands. Her interest in personal development and group dynamics, inspired her to focus on job and team coaching. Ilonka has a passion for movement and dance and followed training in dance improvisation, dance coaching (using movement in coaching) and Body Mind Centering. These studies contributed to her refined skills in supporting herself and others. After her brother-in-law Alan passed away she followed a course on bereavement facilitation in SA.

Ilonka visited Johannesburg in 2016, intending to stay for three months. However, South Africa, Johannesburg and the beautiful place Angelic and Alan were creating made her return. It has been the perfect place for her to (re)discover her creativity and her love for knitting, design and (healing) food.

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