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Remembrance rituals and creative activities may help to channel and express feelings of pain and love in various ways and help to find a way to honour, connect and relate to what is lost and to your new reality.


Lighting a candle or offering fresh flowers are simple rituals that can be done at home, just like cooking his or her favourite meal. Using creative expression as a way of remembering can also be very powerful. Think of decorating the lid of a casket and adding personal texts and drawings, creating a tribute board, repurposing the favourite clothing of your beloved or even learning how to make an urn yourself.  

Such rituals and creative expression give you an opportunity to tell your unique story – even without using words - and to reflect that story back to you.

If you wish to create a ritual or object of remembrance for your loved one we can help you find your unique way of honouring them and support you with ideas and/or execution.

We offer customised services as well as workshops.

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