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A new start

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

It is almost spring here in Johannesburg, announced by the birds busy perfecting the architecture of their new nests and the various flower and vegetable seedlings that fearlessly break through the soil, on their journey towards the light.

The Covid epidemic reached this part of the world during autumn and winter time, and heightened the feeling of hibernation that naturally governs these seasons. The energy naturally withdrew from the exterior into the roots and the dark parts of the earth, to prepare the soil and seeds for the task that lies ahead: to break new ground.

There is no doubt that this episode in time has shaken us to the bone. In my experience, there has been a deep, raw feeling of vulnerability and tenderness that left me feeling exposed and disorientated for quite a while. I didn’t feel inspired to create anything new, but felt a need to contemplate questions such as the essence of life and existence and the deeper meaning and fulfillment in relationships and work. The stillness was nourishing and providing space at the same time. Space to just be and see.

This period reminded me of the truth of a profound wisdom teaching, which states that life is unpredictable, change is inevitable and that we are not in control of our circumstances. If we fully realize the meaning of this message, we will understand the vulnerable nature of what we often regard as secure, safe and comforting. Life is fleeting and fragile and therefore, so are we. And at some point, we are invited to give up resisting this fact, gently, step by step, breath by breath. We may not be able to control our circumstances, but we can influence our relationship to all that happens in a way that is helpful to us and to others.

This teaching really helps me to come back to the feeling of gratitude, over and over again. And with the arrival of spring, it seems like the earth is sharing her gratitude in abundance with us, showing the possibility of a new and inspiring start after a rough and bare period. Spring is a movement of energy from darkness toward light, from inside to outside - a time for new ideas and creation. An invitation to bring into being all that we have felt and experienced. To express ourselves is allowing life to flow through us, to open up to this force without hesitance and to be reborn, right here, right now.

May we continue our journey with gratitude and quiet determination to find the appropriate alignment to our energy and thus the energy of life itself, so that we can all feel alive and shine!

"Tender at our Core

We’re incessantly looking for

our tune in life’s eternal symphony

Let’s dance, sing, play, create!

Our hearts soft, translucent even

opening up on a gentle wave

of breath, effortlessly interwoven

with the threads of life and light within

In this moment we’ll see and know

In this space we’ll be and glow

like Stars"

- Angelic -

From September up to December, HeartCore’s events, courses and collections will reflect themes such as vulnerability & openness, softness and transparency, connection to the natural world and the renewed appreciation for crafts as a means to slow down and pay attention.

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