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Our open weekend in October

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In the weekend of 3 & 4 October HeartCore will be hosting an open weekend. The event will take place at our private property, an urban plot in Northern Johannesburg. It’s the place where we live and work, and that over the years has been slowly developed and transformed. There is still a lot of work to attend to, but we enjoy every state it is in, and it has grown to become our sanctuary in the midst of urban life.

We would like to share our appreciation with you, our visitors. Our wish is that you will be nourished and inspired too, be it by an aimless walk in the garden, or by being surrounded by an orchestra of vegetables while enjoying some tea or coffee. Our workspace and shop will be open for exploration to invoke the energy of curiosity and creativity ☺. We are also available to explain in more detail what our Core Care Sessions and private retreat packages are about, if you need relaxation and healing in your life.

The weeks leading up to such a weekend are always both vibrant and chaotic. There are many details to attend to and information and products to be prepared. The latest Gypsy Talis Gems designs are waiting to be materialized and a few more Sestra 2nd Handsome pieces still need upcycling. And then there are new items to finish, like our small range of unique handmade yoga bags!

As I mentioned in the blog ‘A new start’, several themes have inspired us over the Covid period, and they are reflected in our collections. The first theme relates to the question: how does an initially uncomfortable feeling of being exposed and vulnerable, transform into the more gentle experience of being soft, open and transparent?

In meditation we would respond to that question by sitting, breathing and by fully being present for that feeling of discomfort. We are invited to notice where in the body this feeling is experienced most strongly. By seeing nakedly with gentle eyes, without judgement or expectations, we can create space in our mind, heart and body for the process of change.

In the fabric and materials we used, this question translated itself into the use of soft, transparent fabrics and textures with an open weave. Think of silky, flowing material and soft cotton, glass and transparent beads.

The second theme is our connection to the natural world. In Qigong this is always emphasized: Man is living between Heaven and Earth, and his energies and those of heaven and earth are interacting with one another constantly. We are part of the natural world and not separated from it.

We used more earthy tones and materials to reflect this connection, such as wooden and terracotta beads, a variety of precious stones and their unique properties, and floral patterns through embroidery or print. We even used feathers to honour the birds, who so graciously dance between heaven and earth.

What finally connects all of our products, is an appreciation for the beauty of all things made by hand, and the recognition that expressing oneself through heart and hands provide a strong antidote in this time of speed and aggression, and will teach us how to slow down and pay attention and how to become more patient and kind.

Like Chris Weylandt mentions in one of his quotes:

‘It’s not about the tools, but about the hands, eyes, heart.

And a longing in the soul to create beauty.’

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Open weekend HeartCore Shop and Studio

3 & 4 October, from 11.00 – 16.00

For more information, WhatsApp 0727517093

Follow us on Instagram: @heart_core shop and @heart_core view

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